Pleural Plaques Treatment

Pleural plaques are usually diagnosed through a CT scan or chest X-ray. They are considered to be largely symptomless and not, of themselves, harmful so they are not formally medically treated.

Furthermore, on balance it has been suggested that repeated X-rays on people with pleural plaques should not be undertaken as the additional radiation imparted from the X-rays will outweigh any positives from the scan.

The time when treatment should be sought is if there are symptoms that could potentially be attributed to a pleural plaque or more importantly some symptoms that could be the start of a disease that is associated with asbestos exposure and is far more dangerous than the harmless pleural plaque. If in doubt, always seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical professional.

Nobody dies from having pleural plaques nor is any treatment or operation needed if the plaques are asymptomatic. Pleural plaques can cause anxiety in sufferers as it is a signal that they have been exposed to asbestos in the past so depending on the individual there might be a need for some form of counselling, however, provided that sufferers are fully aware of the distinction between having a pleural plaque which of itself is harmless and having other asbestos related diseases that are harmful, any anxiety should be lessened considerably.